What’s Good About Mosquitoes?

We’ve all had our experiences with mosquitoes and know just how annoying they can be. Many people wouldn’t bat an eyelash if every single mosquito on earth were eradicated, but what would this mean for the world? Are mosquitoes actually a good thing and do they help the world with their bloodthirsty feeding habits?

Let’s explore the benefits of mosquitoes and how they help the world, which may help lessen some of your annoyance towards these insects when you find them buzzing around your legs and start considering mosquito control services smyrna.

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Mosquitoes are a hassle, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths each year due to the transmission of deadly diseases. However, they also serve a very important function in our ecosystem and help the world continue thriving.

Food Web

Mosquitoes, when they are larvae, are aquatic and reside in water, which is one reason to remove standing water from homes and properties. They strain particles from water and ingest it before being eaten by fish and other animals inhabiting the water. They also release nitrogen, eat dead insect carcasses, and are eaten by birds, spiders, bats, and more.


Typically, females are the only ones feeding on blood in order to reproduce by laying eggs. Oftentimes, though, these insects feed on the nectar of flowers to get energy. When retrieving nectar, mosquitoes act as pollinators and aid in plant growth and pollination, serving a similar function as bees when doing so and benefitting plants of all kinds.

As you can see, mosquitoes aren’t all bad. In fact, removing them could end up wreaking havoc in the world and throwing off the balance of the ecosystem. Instead, it is important to learn more about these insects and keep bites to a minimum while they serve their purpose in the food chain and pollinate plants.