Tips For Cleaning Up After Construction Is Completed

There are many phases to any construction project.  We start with the design work where all the plans are made.  From there, we start with the initial skeleton of the project followed by the wiring and plumbing.  Once all of these are put together, we will put up the sheetrock, add fixtures, paint, carpet and whatever.  Once we are done it is time for the post-construction cleaning services glen burnie to come in and do their work.

Break up into teams

You want to break up your crews into teams.  When you do this, you are able to better manage your manpower as well as focus on areas that need to be addressed much faster.  When we work in teams we can also create a situation where people with specific skills and talents can work together increasing proficiency and getting jobs done better and faster.

Set specific tasks

post-construction cleaning services glen burnie

You want to set specific tasks for specific people.  One person will be responsible for caulking the windows and another person will be responsible for wiping down the ceiling fans.  When we give people specific tasks it makes it much easier for the supervisor to pinpoint the weakest links or the people who are not doing what they are told. 

Bring basic supplies

Each team should have basic supplies.  Each person on the team should maintain control of their tools and supplies to ensure that they can get the tasks done quickly.  If others on the team fall short or need an additional tool, then they will be available.  The last thing you want to have happen is a team member wondering around looking for a tool or supplies wasting time.

Final lookout

Once you have your teams and tasks done there should be a person that is the final lookout.  This person will make sure that everything is done on the list and will be responsible for turning off the lights and locking the doors.