Rules You Need to Know for Local Listing Management

Every year, search engines become more intuitive in an attempt to give users what they want and improve their experience when using search engines. When it comes to local listings, this could mean your business losing visibility if you don’t keep up with the changes and follow a few key rules to keep your site ranking high.

Get on the Big Hitter Sites

local business listing management

There are over 150 different services that specialize in business listings, with new ones popping up seemingly every month. If you’re taking on local business listing management on your own, it can be impossible to get your business on every single site on the internet with listings. Instead of attempting to do this, focus on getting your website on heavy hitters like Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, etc.

Stay Consistent with Listings

You don’t want each of your listings to have different information on them for several reasons. One reason is because Google with flag your business as possibly illegitimate, lowering your visibility and search engine ranking. Another reason is because customers will get confused and may mistake another business for yours due to wrong information. Keep information consistent across ass business listings, using the same information on each one.

Check Map Listings

At least half of local searches result in potential customers visiting the store in person within 24 hours, so you should make sure that your map listings show the correct address of your establishment. This is critical, as people need to know where to go to patronize your business and become loyal customers. Locate all of your listings and frequently make sure they are up to date.

By taking all of these rules into consideration, you will make sure that your business can always be found no matter who searches for it or where they are.