Know If An Employee Or Tenant Is A Good Fit

There quite honestly are a lot of crazy people out there that are good people, but we just don’t want to deal with them.  In order to help weed these people out you will want to consider performing a background screening to see if they have any skeletons in their closets.

background screening

How do people present themselves?

It is important not to judge a book by its cover, as well as know what to spot when people are playing a game on you.  They say you have to watch out for a wolf in sheep’s clothing with most people.  They may look happy and willing to help you on the surface, but once something doesn’t go their way or they think they won’t get what they want, they will turn on you in an instant.

This is why you want to look at people and really determine who they are.  When you first meet people, they will be on their best behavior and then over time they start to slip and begin to present their true colors.  This is why it is important to look at how people present themselves.

Stay in control

Another thing that you want to do is remain in control.  More often than not people will try to get into the middle of a situation and try to gain some type of control or position of power.  When they do this, they can start manipulating things in such a way that they are always the good guy and you are always the bad guy.

Look for serious infractions

Okay, we are not all boy scouts.  We all have something in our past we are not proud of that will one day rear its evil head.  Well, some of these things you need to let go.  Others you want to really look at and understand the situation.  There are times we can get a better picture and let things go, but for larger more serious infractions make sure that you get all the details before making your decisions.