Comparing Dentures to Implants

When people suffer tooth loss, they are understandably upset. It never feels good to know that you have lost a tooth, especially if it is one that was near the front of your mouth. Opening your mouth to laugh or smile may feel odd, as you have a huge gap where your tooth used to sit. Now you do not want to think about anything but getting a replacement for that tooth.

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The good news is that you have many options for tooth replacement, provided you have good insurance or enough savings to cover the cost of treatment. Two primary options that stick out above the rest are dental implants and dentures. If you are someone who is relatively young, and you want a solution that is for the long term, you should go with dental implants.

But partial dentures for back teeth north lauderdale are not too bad either. While they are not as good as implants, they are very effective at appearing like real teeth. They are also easy to use, as you can take them out when you are cleaning your teeth or sleeping. You can also get them fixed with ease by visiting your dentist, if the fit does not feel right after a few months.

Losing a tooth is unpleasant and you would much rather not lose it in the first place. But it is comforting to know that dental medicine has come a long way in the past decade. Dentures and implants are incredible in how much they look and feel like real teeth – so much so that no one will know you lost a tooth.

You will take a few days off work, get your gums checked by a dentist, and then have your dentures fitted or implants installed. Then you can resume your life with your beautiful smile intact.